Industrial Revolution & Urban Problems—Poem

This is what we did in our Social Studies Class for a project.

The Industrial Revolution contributed to the Urban Problems in America




I came to the Land of Opportunity

Hoping for a moment

That will change the course of my life

A hope came to America

Where we took a huge step

Where many jobs were produced

By the hundreds of the thousands

We called it

Industrial Revolution.

That brought emigrants

New disease and epidemics

Were brought up to.

It wasn’t same as it was before.

A normal day would be,

Crime, noises, and violence.

New York City

Started to pack with people

Where U.S. began to grow more at a dramatic rate,

The death rate rose at a breathtaking rate,

And also did the cities of America.

Contaminated water,

Formed improper sewage,

Which resulted in epidemics, typhoid fever, and cholera.

15 million people born,

In two decades, before 1900.

This brought growing pains,


Widespread drinking,

Economic growth, overpopulation,

And much, much more.

Should the U.S. be more or less democratic?

I think that the United States should be more democratic so hat the people can have what they would want to have or who the want to have for leaders like the president or even mayors for towns. Also it would not be fair and no one would want to live in the United States and the president of the U.S. would want what he wants to happen like a certain sport for schools and certain sports not for certain schools.

Blogging Changing My Life

Blogging has changed my life a lot because now I have to be careful on what to say on my blog and also it helps my class comunicate with other classes across the world like in Australia. It has changed the way I live also since every day I go on my blog and check what other people are saying.

Trail of Tears

We are stripped of their right and are forced to move west against their will. Leaving our homeland behind and forced to live in makeshift forts with barly any food. Forced to move one thousand miles. We were melancholy and most had anger and sorrow. While moving the human losses were extremely high. Ross organized and made smaller group to go into the wilderness to forage for some food. About 4,000 Cherokee died because of the Indian Removal Act. It went all down to killing innocent people. Just as the Creeks killed thier Chief for signing the Treaty of Indian Springs, the Cherokee killed Major Ridge, his son and Elias for signing the Treaty of New Echota. Only solution was the process of cultural transformation.

If My Name Was A Verb

If my name was a verb it would be run or ran. It would be commenly used like “Hey, lets go ryan over to his house” or mabye “lets go and ryan down the street”. I think that because it would be commenly used since there are many Ryans in my school. It would

The Three R’s

In my school and in my house we do many ways to reduce, recycle, and reuse. In our school we have a paper bin to be recycled and we also have a blue bin used for water bottles s they also can be reused. IN my house we have a garbage bin and we also have a recycle bin for recyclables. We also reuse many of our water bottles that we can

What Is Democracy?

I think that democracy is a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them, which is what we do today. I think that this is it because during today we elect out president not by how many high classed people like him but how the United States likes him as a whole. We can’t only have one person running for president because he would win by default and maybe everyone hates him as a president. That’s why they have more than one and a variety of people running for president of the United States or a high ranking office place so that we can pick who we like out of 5 or 4 people over a course of 2 or 3 months.

Actions vs. Intensions

Do you define a person by their actions or their intentions, why?

I would define someone by their actions because the Romans wanted to be an empire but, they killed thousands of thousands of people on their way to being an empire. Also when Rosa Parks was told to stand up and to move to the back because a white person wanted to sit where she and 3 other colored. But she refused and was sent to jail. By her actions she was remembered and other people we inspired from her like Martin Luther King Jr. So, Rosa Parks’ actions made it so that there is equal rights between colored and white people.

When you are just meeting someone they will remember your first action like shaking his hand and making small talk with him he would think of you as a good person. But, when you do something bad like when you meet them and just sitting there and letting them talk they would not want to hang around with you. If you are talking with someone they would remember your actions not your Intentions on what your are going to do when you are older.

Also your Intentions are what you think your are going to do or going to be and can be changed over time but your actions are what really matters because they are set in stone and could never be changed no matter how hard you try.

One Wish…

If Ihad one wish I would have it benefit everyone. It would be to give everyone food in the world. I chose the world because that I think we should give food to the people that have no food at all. The world will benefit from having food by the people and not having the starve. The world needs my wishfor it to come true because people are not going to Africa just to give them food.